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Know more about our history

Through nineteen years STT Group has been able to position itself firmly, as one of the most important organizations in the different markets where it has operations; Being the service, work and talent of our people that has allowed our expansion. STT Group specializes in acting as a catalyst to link the various employment opportunities offered by its clients, with the human talent of those who aspire for decent, challenging and rewarding work; Allowing them to magnify and develop their full potential. The close relationship and excellence in the service we provide to large companies and national and international brands, support our bases and broad projection towards the market.

Our mission

Meet the needs of our customers, through processes in a constant search for continuous improvement.


Our vision

Positioning ourselves as preferred allies of our clients, adding value to their processes and innovating services.

Quality and Environmental policy

In STT Group we are committed to achieving the satisfaction and expectations of our clients through the constant improvement of our processes through:
  • The excellence in our services.
  • Compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Environmental sustainability.


In STT Group scope of management system:


The scope of the Quality Management System includes the procesosde Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO), Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO), Payroll Process Outsourcing (PPO) for the subsidiary Costa Rica, located in Tibás 50 meters from the fire station, under ISO Standard 9001 2015, not applied the point.


Point 8.3 Design and development of services


Due of the type of business in which it operates STT Group, this section of the standard does not apply to the extent already that services do not require design as are services outsourcing is not designed to be services presets of outsourcing of human resources, payroll administration, recruitment and selection of staff. Measurements Traceability


STT GROUP does not use measurement instruments for their services of HRO, PPO and RPO.

Our values



Vocation of service to attend the needs of our clients both internal and external.



Recognize the need for challenging work by providing opportunities to develop potential talent.



We believe in synergy. It is a commitment to be effective and efficient working together.

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