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  • RPO

    Under this model, STT can work as your own Recruiting Department, taking care of the selection process and standard recruiting, negotiations with short-list candidates and the hiring of the most suitable one –the person who will meet both the expectations of the position and needs of the client.

    This STT service helps the client with any type of personnel search, from managerial to operative or specialized positions.

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  • HRO

    Through this service, STT will work as a representative of the client and will be in charge of recruiting the human resources, according to the requisites and profiles defined for each available position.

    Our Selection Process includes tools such as behavioral interview, psychometric tests, personality inventory, references crosschecking, and analysis of judicial/credit information, among others. These tools enable us to choose the best candidate according to the requisites and our client’s corporate culture.

    STT’s Human Resources also includes: induction, special arrangements for our clients, payroll management, payments, withholdings, taxes, social charges, Social Security reports, sick leaves, dismissals, settlements, etc.

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  • PPO

    RSTT will take on the process of preparation, accounting and execution of the payroll as a representative of the client. It can be done by prearranged periods or modes, and according the employer-employee’s obligations. The historical reports of incomes and expenses are speeded up, and adapted to the specific requirements of each client.

    The employer-employee contractual relationship is the client’s responsibility, while STT Group’s responsibility is limited to managing the

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  • BPO

    STT Group takes responsibility for the client’s complete processes in its own, or the client’s facilities, as preferred. Our duties include assigning the appropriate staff, and training, producing and managing tasks.

    Our group of STT engineers will develop a mapping to define indicators, resources and timetables, to shape negotiation processes based on production units, instead of people units.

    STT Group has extensive experience with this type of services. Among our clients there are call centers, image digitalization platforms, costumer’s service, payable accounts offices, and others.

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    STT celebra el día del adulto mayor

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    (Español) Grupo STT apoya a Centro de Cuido y Desarrollo Infantil (Cecudi) de León XIII

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