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Business Process Outsourcing

Our combination of knowledge, technology, and market experience empowers us to comprehensively optimize your business processes. Grupo STT takes on the complete management of processes, whether at our facilities or at the client’s. We don’t just limit ourselves to assigning the right human resources; we take responsibility for training, production, administration, and more.

Our team of service engineers at Grupo STT conducts thorough mapping, establishes indicators, determines resources and times to shape a negotiation based on production units rather than solely focusing on individuals. We have extensive experience providing such services in platforms like image digitization, call centers, customer service, accounts payable, accounts receivable, among others.

  • Custom Process Development: We design comprehensive processes tailored to the specific needs of your company, ensuring a personalized and effective solution.


  • Quality, Efficiency, and Productivity: Our focus is on quality, efficiency, and productivity, ensuring optimal performance at every stage of your processes.


  • Goal Achievement: We work in collaboration with your company to reach and surpass established goals, maintaining a strategic focus in every aspect of process management.


  • Reduction of Operational Costs: We implement measures that lead to the reduction of operational costs, maximizing efficiency without compromising quality.


  • Comprehensive Management Across Various Sectors: We offer comprehensive solutions in key areas such as Human Resources, Finance and Administration, Infrastructure, Payroll Management, Information Technology (IT), Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service.

In summary, by choosing Grupo STT for process optimization, your company will experience a significant improvement in quality, efficiency, and productivity, backed by our diverse experience and comprehensive approach.

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