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¿What we do?

Know more about our service platform:

Human Resources Outsourcing

Simplify the human resources process and reduce operational costs.

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Recruitment Processes Outsourcing

Your own recruitment department, managing the standard flow of selection and recruitment.

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Preparation and payment of payroll

Comprehensive process for payroll preparation, calculation, and payment on behalf of the client.

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Business processes Outsourcing

STT Group takes care of the complete process management, either at their facilities or the client’s.

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General administrative services Outsourcing

Leveraging STT’s talent and expertise, we offer accounting and tax audit services to clients in countries where they don’t have local operations.

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Our digital learning approach stands out for its adaptability, personalized focus, advanced interactivity, dynamic collaboration, and convenient access.

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Outsourcing your company’s accounting, financial, and audit management becomes easy and secure with STT.

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We specialize in business education, human talent management, and provide personalized advice for each client’s requirement.

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Ensures robust legal support with deep knowledge of regulations in each jurisdiction.

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We provide support in planning and coordinating specialized marketing processes, ensuring efficient and strategic execution at all stages.

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