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¿What we do?

Know more about our service platform:

Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO)

STT, through this service operates as an employer and is in charge of recruitment of resources according to requirements and defined profiles for each post. This allows us to select the best staff consistent with the client’s requirements and business culture.
STT ́s staff management also includes, initial induction, special agreements for our contractors, payroll administrative management, payments, withholdings, taxes, social charges, reports to social security and dismissals.

Recruitment Processes Outsourcing (RPO)

Under this modality, STT operates as its own recruitment department, being in charge of selection flow and standard recruitment, also covering negotiation stages and final hiring to select the most qualified candidate, which complies with the role ́s expectations and according to the culture and the client’s utilities.
STT, with this service can carry out any type of search, whether for management positions, middle management, operational or specialisation positions.

Preparation and payment of payroll (PPO)

In this case, STT assumes preparation process, accounting and payroll payment on behalf of the client; in periods, agreed modalities and according to the obligations of the employee and employer. The system allows us to streamline historical reports of entries and exits, adapting them to the client’s specific requirements.

The contractual relation employee-employer from the optics of relevant institutions is the client’s responsibility and STT Group is limited to the payroll process.

Business processes Outsourcing (BPO)

STT Group assumes management of complete processes in its premises or its clients, where we not only assign the human resource, but we take the responsibility of training, production and administration, etc. The team of service engineers STT carry out a mapping establishing indicators, determining resources and times to create a negotiation based on production units and not on people. STT Group has a broad experience offering these types of services in platforms of image scanning, call centers, customer service, accounts payable and accounts receivable, among others.

General administrative services Outsourcing (GAO)

STT taking advantage of the talent and its own applications, offers accounting services and tax audits to our clients in those countries where they don’t have operations.


We offer this revolutionary training modality which is positioned as predominant training in the future. This system has transformed education, opening doors to the business apprenticeship. This is why, today it occupies a more outstanding and recognized place within the organizations.

Promote strategic management