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Human Resources Outsourcing

Choosing Grupo STT’s services emerges as the best alternative to streamline human resources processes and reduce operational costs. Through this service, Grupo STT takes on the role of an employer, handling the recruitment of human resources according to the established requirements and profiles for each position. This approach allows us to select the most suitable personnel, aligned with the specific requirements and corporate culture of each client.

  • Time and Administrative Cost Savings: We enable our clients to focus on their business objectives while we take care of their personnel management. Additionally, we eliminate costs associated with software investment and maintenance.


  • Employee Benefits (Plus): We provide additional benefits to employees, such as insurance, training, and other incentives, contributing to their well-being and professional development.


  • Specialized Professionals: We have a team of specialists in fiscal, administrative, and labor matters, ensuring an expert approach to human resources management.


  • Compliance Guarantee: Grupo STT is committed to complying with all current labor regulations, providing security and confidentiality in all operations related to personnel.


  • Presence Throughout LATAM: We extend our services throughout Latin America, offering comprehensive coverage tailored to the specific needs of each region.

By choosing Grupo STT for human resources management, our clients benefit from a comprehensive approach that simplifies their processes, reduces costs, and ensures efficiency in the selection and management of their personnel, all backed by our experience and regional presence.

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