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About us

Grupo STT is a multi latin company of Costa Rican capital focused on outsourcing services. It has its own operations throughout the american continent.

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Throughout nineteen years, STT Group has achieved to position itself firmly as one of the most important organizations in the different markets where it has operations; being our people’s service, work and talent what has allowed us to expand.

STT Group specializes in functioning as a catalyst agent in charge of connecting different employment opportunities offered by its clients, with human talent of those who aspire for a decent, challenging and rewarding work; which allow them to magnify and develop all of their potential.

The close relationship and service excellence that we offer big companies and national and international brands, back up our bases and broad projection towards the market.


Vocation of service to meet our client’s demands both internal as external.


Recognize the need of a challenging work offering opportunities to develop potential talent.


We believe in synergy. It is an undertaking to be effective and efficient working together.

Our Mission

Satisfy our clients ́ needs, through processes in a constant search of continuous improvement.

Our Vision

Position ourselves as our clients ́ preference allies adding value to our processes and service innovation

Quality and Environmental Policyl

In STT Group we are committed to achieving our clients ́ satisfaction and expectations through constant improvement of our processes by:

  • The Excellence of our products
  • Compliance of legal and regulatory requirements
  • Environmental Sustainability

Costa Rica Subsidiary Scope

The scope of Grupo STT’s management system includes the services and processes of PPO, HRO, RPO for the Costa Rican subsidiary, located in Tibás 50 m. West of the Fire Station, under the ISO 9001-2015 standard.

Panama Subsidiary Scope

The scope of the Integrated Management System includes the HRO, RPO and PPO processes for the Panama subsidiary located in Panama City, Torre Internacional Business Center, 4th floor, office 407 under ISO 9001: 2015 regulations.

Point 8.3 Design and Service Development

Due to the type of business STT Group, this section of the standard does not apply in the scope since the services provided do not require design such as outsourcing services, it is not designed as pre-established services for outsourcing of human resources, payroll administration, recruitment and selection of personnel. Measurement Traceability

STT GROUP does not use measuring instruments for its HRO, PPO and RPO services.