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Legal Services Outsourcing

We offer a robust suite of legal services backed by a team of highly skilled regional attorneys. Our global structure, with a presence in 33 offices across 26 countries and 3 continents, ensures strong legal support with in-depth knowledge of regulations in each jurisdiction.

With over 24 years of experience, we have a proven track record of successfully delivering legal services. Additionally, we provide geographical and financial flexibility, allowing our services to be utilized and billed in the client’s country of convenience.

  • Business Name Registration: We facilitate the process of registering your business name, establishing the legal identity of your company efficiently.


  • Fiscal Domicile Rental: We offer solutions for fiscal domicile rental, providing flexibility and adaptability to your needs.


  • Government Entity Registration Procedures: We manage the necessary procedures for registration with government entities, ensuring compliance with local regulations.


  • Expatriate Immigration Procedures: We simplify immigration procedures for expatriates, facilitating a seamless transition.


  • Labor Legal Advice: We provide specialized legal guidance on labor-related matters, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards in the labor sphere.


  • Legal Representation: We act as legal representatives, providing support and fulfilling the legal responsibilities of your company.

Our comprehensive offering of legal and business services stands out for its global reach, specialized knowledge, extensive experience, and financial adaptability, ensuring effective support for your company anywhere in the world.

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