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Privacy Policy

Contact the Holder to receive information about your Personal Data, its purpose and with which parties it is shared with.

Grupo STT Responsible of Data Handling

Grupo STT

Holder´s email:

Type of Data Collected

Grupo STT does not provide a category list of collected Personal Data.

The complete information referring to each category of Personal Data that is collected is provided in the sections of the present privacy policy dedicated to such purpose or through specific explanatory texts that are shown before the recollection of such Data.

Personal Data can be freely provided by the User or, in case of Usage Data they will be collected automatically when the Application is used.

All Data requested by this Application is mandatory and the refusal of providing it can prevent this Application to indicate specifically which Data is not mandatory, the Users will be free not to communicate such Data without causing any kind of consequence about the availability or operation of the Service. The Users that have doubts about which data is mandatory can contact Grupo STT.

The use of Cookies – or of other follow up tools by this Application or by holders of third party services used by this Application has as main purpose the service provision requested by the User, aside from other purposes that are described in the present document and in the Cookies Policy, in case of being available.

The User assumes the responsibility in relation to obtaining Personal Data from third parties, published or shared through this Application and states hereby that it has the consent of third parties to provide such Data to Grupo STT.

Modality and place to handle collected data

Data Handling Modalities

Grupo STT will handle the Users´ Data in an adequate manner and will adopt the adequate safety measures to prevent non authorized access, release, change or destruction of Data.

Data handling will be carried out through computers and/or computer tools, following procedures and organizational modalities strictly related with the indicated purposes. Also the Holder, in some cases can access Data of certain categories of authorized people, regarding the operation of this Application (administration, sales, marketing, legal department and system management) or external contractors that provide services to the Holder (such as external suppliers of technical services, courier companies, hosting companies, computer companies, communication agencies) that will be named by the Holder in charge of Handling, if necessary. The Holder may be requested at any time for an up-dated list of such people.

Legal base of Data Handling

Grupo STT can handle the Users´ Personal Data if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • When the Users have given their consent for one or more specific purposes. Notice: Under several different legislations, the Holder can be authorized to handle Personal Data until the User opposes to it (“opposition of non-participation”), without the need of consent or any other legal base. However, this will not be applicable when the Personal Data Handling is subject to the European regulation in matters of Personal Data protection;
  • When obtaining Data is necessary for the compliance of a contract between the User and-or any other pre-contractual obligation of the same;
  • When handling is necessary for the compliance of a legal obligation of mandatory fulfillment on the part of the User;
  • When handling is related with a task executed in the public interest or in exercise of official competences granted to the Holder;
  • When handling is necessary in order to pursue a legitimate interest of the Holder or a third party.

In any case, the Holder is at your disposal to define the specific legal bases that are applied in handling and particularly if obtaining Personal Data is a contractual or statutory requirement to formalize an agreement.


Data is handled in the Holder´s office, as well as in any other place in which the parties involved in such process are located at.

Depending on the Users´ location, data transfer can involve another country other than its own. For more information about the place of handling such transferred Data, the Users can consult the section that contains specifics about Persona Data Handling.

The Users will also have the right to learn about the legal bases regarding Data transfer to another country outside of the European Union or any other international organism that is ruled by the Public International Law or that is created by two or more countries, as the United Nations and also learn about the safety measures taken by the Holder to protect its Data.

In case that such Data transfer is carried out, the Users can obtain more information consulting the relevant sections of the present document or requesting the Holder through the contact information that appears in the contact section.

Retention Period

Personal Data will be handled and retained during a necessary period of time and for the purpose for which it has been collected for.


Personal Data collected for the formalization of a contract between Grupo STT and the User shall be retained as such until such contract has been completely formalized.

Personal Data collected in the legitimate interest of the Holder shall be retained during the time necessary to comply with such purpose. The Users can find specific information related to the legitimate interest of Grupo STT consulting the relevant sections of the present document or contacting Grupo STT.

Grupo STT can retain Personal Data during an additional period of time when the Users give their consent for such handling, provided that such consent remains in force. Also, Grupo STT is compelled to retain Personal Data during and additional period of time provided that it is used for the compliance of a legal obligation or by order of an authority.

Once the retention period ends, the Personal Data shall be eliminated. Therefore, the rights of access, modification, rectification and portability of the data cannot be executed once such period has expired.

The Users´ rights

The Users can exercise certain rights in relation to Data handling on the part of Grupo STT:

Particularly, the Users have the right to the following:

  • Withdraw your consent at any time. The users have the right to withdraw their consent when they have previously granted it for the handling of Personal Data.
  • Objection to the Data Handling. The Users have the right to object to the handling of their Data, if such handling is carried out under a legal basis different to the one of consent. For more information you can consult the corresponding section below.
  • Access to their Data. The Users have the right to know if their Data will be handled by Grupo STT, to obtain information about certain aspects of Data handling and also obtain a copy of the Data object of handling.
  • Verify and request modification. The Users have the right to verify the accuracy of their Data and request that the same are updated or corrected.
  • Restrict Data handling. The Users have the right, in certain cases to restrict handling of their Data. In this case, the Grupo STT will process their Data with the only purpose of storing them.
  • Erase or remove Personal Data. The Users have the right, in certain cases to obtain the elimination of their Data on the part of Grupo STT.
  • Receive your Data and transfer it to another responsible. The Users have the right to receive your Data in a standard format, structured, mechanically readable and if it is technically possible transfer it to another responsible without any obstacle. This disposition will be applied, provided that the Data has been handled through automated means based on the User´s consent in a contract where the User is part or appears in the pre-contractual obligations thereof.
  • Make a complaint. The Users have the right to make a complaint before the competent authority in matters of data protection of personal nature.

Details about the right to object to Data handling

When Personal Data Handling is of public interest, in exercise of official competences granted to Grupo STT or due to a legitimate interest of Grupo STT, the Users can object to such handling explaining the reason related to their particular situation to justify their objection.

The Users shall know that, even though their Personal Data will be handled for commercial purposes, they can object at any time without the need of justification. The Users shall consult the relevant section of the present document to know if their Personal Data is being used for commercial purposes.

How to exercise these rights?

Any request to exercise the users´ rights can be addressed to Grupo STT through the contact information provided in the present document. Such requests will be processed by Grupo STT without cost as soon as possible and always within a month.

Additional information about collection and hadling Data

Legal Defense

The Users´ Personal Data can be used for legal defense of Grupo STT before a court or in judicial phases prior to a possible lawsuit caused by inappropriate use of this Application or related Services.

The User states it knows that Grupo STT can be required by the public authorities with the purpose of revealing Personal Data.

Additional information about Users´ Personal Data

Aside from the information contained in this privacy policy, this application can provide the user additional and contextual information related to specific services or the collection and handling of Personal Data.

System log and maintenance

For reasons related to operation and maintenance of this Application and any other service provided by third parties that is used, it can collect a system log; this means files that record interaction with this Application and that can contain Personal Data, such as the User´s IP address.

Information not contained in this privacy policy

Any additional information can be requested anytime about the collection and handling of Personal Data to Grupo STT. The contact information is indicated at the beginning of the present document.

How are the “Do Not Track” requests processed?

This application does not allow “Do Not Track” requests.

To determine if any third-party services that you use accepts “Do Not Track” requests, please read the privacy policy.

Modification of the present privacy policy

Grupo STT reserves the right to modify this privacy policy anytime, notifying Users through this page and if it is possible through this Application and/or if it is technically and legally possible it will notify the Users directly, in case that Grupo STT has the necessary contact information for such purpose. It is strongly recommended to review this page frequently taking as reference the date of the last update indicated at the bottom of the page.

If the changes affect the handling activities carried out based on the User´s consent, Grupo STT shall obtain, if necessary the User´s new consent